Howdy, I'm Wraithan McCarroll, I greatly enjoy tinkering with things. This is my documentation for my 8-bit computer based on Ben Eater's Kit and related videos. I'm starting this documentation part of the way through the build, mostly because I took a break from working on this computer after having a few modules built, then had a hard time understanding what I'd already built.

In doing some more research for this project, I came across rolf-electronics build documentation which made me realize I should do the same, especially as I've already dabbled in deviating from the original build.

When doing builds of sorts I tend to have rules. They're arbitrary and mostly serve to keep the project interesting to me. They're not super strict but here they are:

  1. The first build of the CPU should be largely the base that Ben Eater designed.
  2. Anything that lives on the CPU is 8-bit or less.
  3. Modules can't be added to the CPU until they've been tested on their own.

Build as of 2021-03-15