The 6502 Delight Builds

Making 6502 computers with a delightful experience.

What does it mean for a 6502 computer to have a delightful experience? Well, that of course comes down to the eye of the beholder. For me it means caring about my ergonomics as I develop and eventually use these computers. Before I even completed building Ben Eater's kit, I'd already customized the build to have in situ ROM reprogramming and extra debug capabilties.

Breadboard 6502

Based on Ben Eater's kit, known in the 8-bit/homebrew communities as a BE6502. This project originally started as a way to have a computer that was just a step above the 8-Bit Delight build I was doing so I could write tests for the 8-Bit Delight and verify it was working after I did reworks or added modules. I found as I dove into the 6502, there was a bunch of cool stuff to explore and my 8-Bit Delight fell by the wayside. As I build this up, I have in situ ROM reprogramming and debugging via the Delightful CLI and the Delightful Debugger (hardware portion).

Backplane 6502

My first pass at a "Desktop PC" 6502. A backplane is a board with a bunch of connectors on it where the vast majority of functionality is added via cards inserted into the connectors. For my purposes this means I can break my computer up into a set of modules that are each replacable, that way if I have to change how the processor is wired up, I don't have to spin a whole new large board with expansion connectors. This will make it easier to take breadboard prototypes and turn them into soldered ones with more reliable and predictable connections.

Laptop 6502

This idea started when I replaced my Kinesis Advantage keyboard and realized it'd be fun to modify the case and build a 6502 computer into it. Toss a battery inside and include a screen and you have a mobile computer. My dream for this project is to be able to take my own homebrew computer to a cafe and be able to software for my 6502 computers.